Maternity Bras: What to Expect During the Different Stages of Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women experience a lot of changes in their body, especially in their breasts. This can lead to discomfort, pain, and difficulty in finding a bra that fits perfectly. Maternity bras are specially designed to provide comfort, support, and flexibility for every stage of pregnancy. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at maternity bras and what to expect during the different stages of pregnancy.

First Trimester: Beginning of Pregnancy

During the first trimester, the breast size increases due to hormonal changes. Women may experience soreness, tenderness, and sensitivity in their breasts. This is the time when you need to start looking for a maternity bra that fits comfortably.

Maternity bras during the first trimester should provide soft and gentle support to tender breasts. They should be made from soft fabrics and have wide straps to reduce pressure on the shoulders. You should also look for bras with stretchable cups or front opening to accommodate the changing breast size.

Second Trimester: Mid-Pregnancy

During the second trimester, the breast size continues to increase. Women may experience itchiness, rashes, and stretch marks around their breasts. They may also start leaking colostrum, the first milk produced by the breast.

Maternity bras during the second trimester should provide more support and shape to the breasts. They should have wider bands and cups to accommodate the increasing breast size. You can opt for bras with thicker padding or molded cups to hide any nipple leakage. You can also invest in nursing pads to absorb any leakage.

Third Trimester: End of Pregnancy

During the third trimester, the breast size reaches its peak. Women may experience heaviness, back pain, and difficulty in finding a comfortable sleeping position. It’s essential to find the right bra that provides maximum support and comfort during this stage.

Maternity bras during the third trimester should have wider straps, bands, and cups. They should provide full coverage and support to the breasts without causing any discomfort or pressure. You can also opt for bras with flexible underwire or sports bra styles for added support.

Postpartum: After Pregnancy

After pregnancy, the breast size may decrease or fluctuate due to breastfeeding. Women may also experience engorgement, leakage, and sensitivity in their breasts. This is the time when you need to invest in nursing bras, which are specially designed for breastfeeding women.

Nursing bras should have comfortable and stretchable fabric for easy access to the breast. They should have front opening or pull-aside cup design for easy breastfeeding. You can also opt for bras with removable cups or pads to accommodate any leakage or a varying breast size.


Maternity bras and nursing bras are essential for every pregnant maternity bras and breastfeeding woman. They provide comfort, support, and flexibility during different stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding. It’s essential to choose the right bra that fits comfortably and meets your specific needs during each stage. You can also consult with a professional bra fitting specialist to ensure the best fit for your changing body.